Green Line Press

U-Pull, Screen Printing Studio & Classroom

2016 MUSE Conference

  • The Tower Theater 835 Northwest Wall Street Bend, OR, 97701 United States

This Spring, I made four hundred and thirty MUSE Conference-inspired, hand silk-screened prints just for attendees of the 2016 Muse Conference

Why? My muse had been prodding me, pleading with me, and sometimes screaming at me for a very long time. Even my family and friends heard her at times. But I ignored her. Until four years ago, at the first MUSE Conference. The volume of my inner muse was matched by the volume of the MUSE community around me, and the message was very clear: I knew what I wanted in life and it was achievable. So why was I doing anything and everything else?

The path has been far from clear and it has not been an overnight transformation. But I know that I want to support humanity through art - by making art, sharing art, and supporting other artists. And now I've launched a new business, Green Line Press, in order to do just that.